Saturday, September 1, 2007

Commander Selvam Siddhar Donates to Himself and calls it donation to temple

Selvam Siddhar is not a guru or a vedic scholar. He is a B.Com. Graduate from South India. That’s all. He fancies himself as the 26th Mattathipathi of Sri Akasthiyar Siddhar Peetam. He has conferred several titles on himself!! “Doctor”, “Commander”, “Siddhar”, “Sri SriMaharishi”, “Swamiji”, “Holiness” are just a few. Totally outrageous and shameless claims.

He now bought a church in Norcross, near Global Mall and calls it a ‘temple’ to lure people in.

In the same place he does several businesses. Some of them are:
(He cheats IRS by not paying taxes by calling this place ‘exempt’ org.)

** Indian handicraft items (see his ad “Chettinad” Indian Handicrafts Development Corporation that he runs under tax-shelter to avoid taxes),

** do his so-called ‘consulting, (he literally fleeces people of several thousands of dollars. Once he gets your credit card information, you are finished!)

** real estate dealings in the USA and in India (proof – his advertisements in ‘Siddhi Times’),

** selling fencing, gates, grills, garden furniture, night lamps, railings, etc under “KingCraft LLC” in the same premises that he calls a temple.

** Organizing community nights to lure people, make them get food, make donations to his ‘temple’, make them listen to his talks,

** Renting the same place as, quote, “Banquet hall & Community Center” for weddings, fashion shows, birthday parties, funerals (i.e. all kinds of ceremonies etc.) with, what he calls ,”bouncing wood dance floor” !!

There is absolutely no proof that he comes in the Guru parampara nor any proof that a “Sri Akasthiyar Siddhar Peetam" exists. A Google search did not find the existence of such a vedic body!! If the peetam is in Kerala, why would they elect a Tamilian in Coimbatore (with no address in Kerala) to head the peetam? Who are the 25 previous heads? What are their names and addresses? There is no mention of all these gaping holes!!

This man is a wheeler-dealer in Coimbatore, India and he entered USA somehow with some created documents.

In the shack that he calls a temple, he has some Rubbermaid boxes to hold ‘lingam’. The joker keeps one Rubbermaid box inverted inside another bigger one, keeps a ‘lingam’ that he imported from India in order to sell them as “ancient” masterpiece, pours milk over the lingam and then drinks the milk himself. He calls this place a temple! All the dolls that he calls ‘deities’ are for sale and they are all decorated with reuseable plastic flowers. Every event is done in the main auditorium only that is also rented out for parties and funerals. Drinking alcohol is allowed there because you cannot restrict partygoers from drinking alcohol.

This man “Annamalai” who has several fancy titles is now trying to incorporate a “TAMIL SANGAM” in order to attract people into his premises.

Since no one goes to his shack that he calls a ‘temple’, he is now trying this.

A member of an existing ‘GATS’ stole one set of email addresses from GATS and handed the list to him and is closely involved in his activities. Because of his/her stealing and handing over the list – which amounts to compromising the privacy of the GATS’s members, he/she helped this Annamalai send out spams to the GATS members for sometime.

Ask him to answer the following questions before you deal with him:1. Can he Show the actual proof of donation of so much money - checks, receipts, press releases that verifies the claim?
2. All his sites only show he is a wheeler-dealer in landed properties.
3. Can he take photos of actual temples that he says he donated money to? Letters of attested, verified evidence that he actually donated?4. Can he give 10 authentic references of REAL people that he helped to get over major illness or problems or issues? How can he solve legal problems? How can he solve immigration problems?
5. Can he prove that he has all the people on staff that he claims – so many priests – more than 360? Is he paying them in US Dollars (which is the legal approach) or in Indian Rupees? Is he paying at all? Are they all real priests? I have heard a lot of facts about this fraud from hisown employees which indicate that this is a fraud again.
6. What happened to his proposed temple in Apple Valley, CA? Why was that not built? Why did he run away to Georgia?
7. Can he say how he got all the money to buy the house in a posh locality in Sugarloaf area in Atlanta? If it is not from temple money then where did he get it from? By his own admission, he is not known to be doing any job in particular. So where did the money come from?
8. If he was such a big donor, how come nobody else took notice of it in the USA – newspapers, people, TV etc??

10. He has cheated many people in the Balaji temple in Malibu, CA. If you want to verify this, call the temple or go there and talk to the people (Address: 1600, Las Virgines Canyon Road, Calabasas, CA 91302. Phone: 818-880-5552, web: People there said that this man was such a pain in the temple premises, cheating all the devotees coming in to the temple to pray. HE PRAYED on them and cheated them of several thousands of dollars.

He partnered with a South Indian couple and invested money in another piece of land, sold it and pocketed the whole profit without giving any share to the couple who invested with him. He cheated IRS by calling it a land for exempt organization and so did not pay any taxes. One of them told us this.

Yet another comment that I read was as follows:
“Here's a man who claims titles like ‘Doctor’, ‘Siddhar’, ‘Commander’ etc.
There is absolutely no proof of these either in India or in the USA.
He is falsely amassing wealth at the cost of innocent people by proclaiming to solve their sex problems and other immigration and legal problems (who is he to resolve US Government's procedure?) What will he do for sex problems?

Everything in this so-called temple 'make-do' and 'make-believe' there.
He already tried this fraud and then ran away from California.

He is cheating US government departments like INS, IRS, falsely taken exemption for profits (Sec 502 c 3) etc and siphoning funds to cheat people in India with that money and grabbing lands there. An attorney firm in Atlanta is also believed to have helped him to get visas for his underdogs in the name of 'Religious priests' and he is paying these priests a meager salary in Indian rupee currency in India. As a result, they are literally like his ‘slaves’ here.”

One person , asokannamalai comments: on 22 Aug 07 19:56:00 PM:

“ KHABAR will not accept your advertisements anymore.
None of the other Indian magazines will anymore.
Dr. Sujatha Reddy's son will soon sue you. She correctly diagnosed your delusions of grandeur, and that you are a pathological liar. Her son knows the secretary of state and other elected officials. They will investigate your LLC, they will investigate your 501 c 3 corporation.

The IRS, BCIS and the FBI will investigate you soon, the process has already started. Who do you think you are playing with?

What makes you think they do not have your deeds from New Haven Trust Bank? Let us see how you come up with $3.8 and $450,000 in about two years. With all these, you have the nerve to attack the Hindu Temple of Atlanta and other temples?”

Yours Sincerely
Ratnakumar Jeyarathinam, Duluth, GA

One other posting is:

“ Siddhar Annamalai, we know you have fake titles and degrees.
We know you invent these names to post nice things about yourself.

When he was using a real estate agent, he resorted to using the realtor's documents and unfairly deceived them of their commission when he bought the property. He invaded into their privacy and life also. He cheated them too of money.
So, people, beware and stay away from trouble.